We are one of the market leaders for providing facade access solutions in the Middle East. Something which our large project portfolio in the region confirms. For Boulevard Point, in the heart of Dubai, we have created an extensive Facadexs solution, based on specifications of Koltay Facades (a facade access strategy consultant).

The surrounding area of Boulevard Point has become the benchmark for real estate, architecture and luxury dining over the last few years. Situated right next to Boulevard Point arise the Fountain Views towers, three luxurious tower buildings that are also equipped with our custom Facadexs solutions. Boulevard Point is a 63-storey high-end luxury tower that features over 297 residences ranging from one to three-bedroom apartments.

Next to the World famous Dubai Mall

Another amazing feature of this tower is that it offer direct access to the world’s largest shopping and entertainment destination, the Dubai Mall. This is made possible through a dedicated bridge link which connects the Boulevard Point tower to the mall’s main building.

Facadexs was contracted by Emaar Properties PJSC to provide all facade maintenance equipment for this outstanding piece of architecture. Our solutions enable maintenance workers and window washers to keep the building in top condition.

The top BMU

The main part of our Facadexs solution for Boulevard Point is the, so-called, top BMU. A traversing and telescopic roof car which is located at the (top)roof level at approx. 285 meters above ground floor.

The telescopic jibs, existing out of 3 stages, can reach out to a total of 23 meters (75 feet), ensuring that each facade of the tower can be reached properly by its fixed pantograph cradle. The pantograph function of the cradle ensures that workers can reach protruding elements of the facades, for example some areas underneath balconies.

BMU 01 – Top BMU

Traversing roof car with telescopic jib
  • Telescopic jib with a max. outreach of 23.0 m (approx. 75 ft).

  • Telescopic column with a max. base height of 11.3 m (approx. 37 ft).

  • Traversing along a straight rail track of 44.0 m (approx. 144 ft).

  • Equipped with a Glass Replacement Unit (GRU) with a max. load of 946 kg (2085 lbs).

  • Fixed pantograph cradle with a Safe Working Load (SWL) of max. 240 kg (529 lbs).

  • Total wire rope length: 335.0 m (approx. 1099 ft).

BMU 02 – West elevation and Glass box

Monorail system XS110-type
  • Total length of XS110-type monorail: 913 m (approx. 2295 ft).

  • Systems include a total of 74 manually driven trolleys.

  • All Glass Replacement Units (GRU) have a
    max. load capacity of 250 kg (551 lbs).

  • 359 m (1178 ft) of fall arrest system and 180 single anchor points for personal work at height safety.

Manually driven Monorail systems

BMU 02 comprises of a total of nine different BMU systems which include monorail systems for interior and exterior maintenance, a rope access system, a catwalk system and a safety fall arrest system. Since most of the monorail solutions that are covered within BMU02 are similar, let us explain the two types which are used.

Exterior use (West Elevation)

In order to reach the (exterior) stepping facade areas on the west elevation of the building, for duties such as glass replacement, a total of approximately 315 meters (1033 feet) of ceiling mounted monorail tracks where installed at the levels 27, 51 and 58. These monorail systems are designed to carry a manually driven trolley unit to support a Glass Replacement Unit (GRU) and provide access for abseiling.

In case of glass replacement, panels are picked up at ground floor level by BMU01 and lifted to the required level. There the connectors are switched to the GRU on the monorail system. Rope access technicians further maneuver the glass panel to its desired location and mount it to the window frame.

Interior use (Glass Box)

Our BMU systems are not only suitable for maintaining exterior facades, but are also used for cleaning and/or maintaining interior facades. As is the case at Boulevard Point where we have provided an interior solution for a part of the building they call the Glass Box, running from the ground floor up to level 4, making it approximately 31 meters (102 feet) high. Here we have installed 98 meters (321.5 feet) of monorail to function as an abseil rail – a horizontal monorail system with four manual trolleys for performing rope access duties. In order to get workers, such as window washers, safely to their start position for descending we have added a safety system in the form of 56 meters (184 feet) of horizontal lifeline system.

Total Facadex spackage

Next to the two BMU solutions that we have explained above, we installed a couple more systems that contribute to the total Facadexs package. Among these solutions are several more fall arrest systems, GRU systems with integrated winch units, davit arm installations and an Aerial Working Platform.