The Crown Towers Perth was equipped with a Facade access solution that is able to efficiently maintain the stunning glass facades of the structure. This project has been accomplished by our Australian branch, under supervision from Manuel de Rivero.

Crown Towers Perth is the largest hotel in Perth. This hotel complex includes 39 restaurants and bars, 2,300 seat theatre, casino and a convention centre. The hotel has a split tower with 15 and 22 storeys, containing 500 rooms. The generously sized rooms offer panoramic views of the Perth skyline. The hotel’s facade is almost entirely made of glass, which means 100% of it needs to be accessible for frequent cleaning.

Our solution

We developed a sophisticated building maintenance unit which traverses over a track at the inside of the parapet of the taller tower. The luffing boom of the traversing unit can lift the custom-made cradle over the parapet. This means the installation is garaged completely out of sight, and only visible when in use.

Project specifications

Traversing roof car with a fixd jib
  • Fixed base height of 4 m

  • Pantograph cradle with outreach up to 2.5 m

  • Glass replacement unit with a max. load of 750 kg

Glass Replacement Unit

In addition to minimizing the visual disturbance of facade maintenance work, glass replacement was another challenge to overcome. Glass replacement work requires a separate hoisting system to suspend glass panels.

Integrating a Glass Replacement Unit (GRU) is nothing new, but this project needed the system to work around the protruding balconies of the facade. Pantograph cradles can be moved closer to the facade underneath a protruding element. However, the glass hooks needs to move closer as well. This is achieved with a custom GRU balancer, visible on the picture above.