Hyatt Regency in Darling Harbour is located at 161 Sussex Street, Sydney’s central business district. The hotel, that currently holds the title being Australia’s largest hotel has a total of 892 rooms. The newly created 24-floor tower packs 222 rooms, all of these rooms provide stunning views overlooking Darling Harbour. The Hyatt Regency is home to a large number of conference rooms, has a roofbar and an executive lounge on the top floor.

The Hyatt Regency Darling Harbour, Sydney wanted to ensure that the magnificent views of Sydney Harbour and the surrounding cityscape are always on display. That’s why they chose Facadexs to develop a fixed jib BMU with traversing roof car, to keep their windows in pristine condition.

The glass replacement unit can be used to replace broken glass in windows, and allows for a quick, easy and cost effective solution to the problem. The glass replacement unit allows the user to easily remove the broken glass and replace it with a new pane, providing a safe and secure installation.

Fixed jib BMU for the Hyatt, Sydney Australia

BMU specifications

Traversing roof car with a fixed jib
  • Fixed jib with outreach of 11.5 m

  • Glass replacement unit with a max. load of 900 kg

  • Adjustable glass replacement unit balancer