The ‘M tower’ is a residential tower in Al Mankhool, a locality in the area of Bur Dubai on the West side of Dubai Creek. Its unique architecture will definitely make it stand out from the other buildings in the locality. The M residences will consist of 23 storeys and 3 basements.

This stunning ‘layered’ look presents quite a challenge in terms of facade maintenance, as there are many protruding parts. Also, the fact that it is not possible to lay a rail track along one side of the roof presents a challenge.

Another Facadexs solution in Dubai

And that’s when we can showoff our expertise – our unique pantograph cradles are designed to tackle descends along a facade with protruding elements, allowing workers to work on the facade even directly under every protruding ‘layer’.

In addition, the roof car on top of the M residences will be equipped with a fixed jib and a rotating spreader which can rotate the cradle in the direction of the facade.

BMU specifications

Traversing roof car with a fixed jib
  • Fixed jib with outreach of approx. 17 m (56 feet), with a working height of 115 m (377 ft).

  • Maximum luffing angle of 60 degrees.

  • 35 m (approx. 115 ft) galvanized twin tracks.

  • Fixed pantograph cradle, load up to
    240 kg (530 lbs), for two persons.

  • Cradle restraint systems with restraint pins.

Our solution

This innovative roof car ensures that all four sides of the facade can be accessed, despite the fact that the roof car itself only moves along three sides.

If you have any questions about this project, or if you want to enquire about the possibilities of a Facadexs solution, feel free to contact us.