At the heart of Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, a 61 stories, 742 foot (226 meter) building arise. One Dalton will be the third tallest and most luxurious tower of Boston upon completion in fall 2018. Besides the 442 units of residential area, a 23-floor Four Seasons hotel will form part of the tower.

Four Seasons is renowned for its service and guests of the hotel, as well as the owners of the private residences managed by Four Seasons, can enjoy all amenities in One Dalton. These include an indoor swimming pool, a spa, private theater, a golf course and a 5,000-square-foot park. The building has a soft triangular form and offers stunning views across the city, through its glass facade.

The Facadexs solution

In order to maintain the elegant look of One Dalton,
it’s key to provide safe access to the complete facade to perform maintenance work.

The roof car

On the roof of One Dalton, a fixed roof car with a telescopic jib will be installed on roof level. The maximum outreach of the boom is over 103 feet (31,5 meters), which enables access to the complete facade with only one machine. To be able to hide the machine from sight when in parking position, a telescopic base is used. When the machine is deployed, the base extends, lifting the BMU to its working position.

Unique cradle with foldable ends

This solution is unique, because of its custom engineered gondola: to access the curved corners of the building, the cradle can fold its ends to match their radius. When reaching the straight parts of the facade, the ends can slowly be folded back out again. On the front of the cradle, an extendable platform can be deployed to enable workers to reach coves that are made in the facade. This way, workers have full access to the facade.

BMU specifications

Fixed roof car with a telescopic jib
  • Approx. lifting height: 755 ft (230 m)

  • Max. outreach of 103 ft (31.5 m)

  • Movable counterweight

  • Telescopic base with a max. height of 20 ft (6 m)

  • Specially designed cradle with foldable ends and telescopic front

  • Glass hook replacement unit with a max. load of 1,500 lbs (680 kg)

  • Max. SWL of cradle: 600 lbs (272 kg)

  • Including mullion guide rails and trolleys for cradle restraint system

  • Soft rope guiding system