The Paulinesymofonie is an award winning residential complex that has a low- and high-rise part, comprising a total of 172 rental houses, private properties and care homes.

This residential complex is based in Rijswijk, within the Rotterdam-The Hague Metropolitan Region. Paulinesymfonie building is situated nearby to Cruyff Court and De Plaspoel.

On the roof level of the 24 story tower, we installed a 3-stage telescopic roof car that is fixated directly on to the roof structure.

The combined length of the telescopic jib ensures that all facades of the building can be reached by only one BMU. The Building Maintenance Unit is equipped with a Glass Replacement Unit.

BMU specifications

1 Fixed telescopic roof car
  • Approx. lifting height: 74.0 meters (243 ft)

  • Telescopic jib with outreach of 25.4 meters (83.4 ft)

  • Total boom length of 32.8 meters (107.7 ft)

  • Fixed base height of 3.9 meters (12.9 ft)

  • Glass Replacement Units with a max. load of 250 kg (551 lbs)