The QP District is a beautiful commercial area that roughly covers 700,000 m2 (7,534,984 ft2) and consists of nine office towers that serve as the headquarters of Qatar Petroleum and other international financial institutions. The district is also home to a solid infrastructure, a five star hotel, restaurants, a shopping mall and conference centre.

These custom-built fixed telescopic units are completely integrated into the tower’s design. When in use, the machine extend from its sheltered position on the roof to a maximum height of 15 m (49,2 ft). With a telescopic arm that can extend to a maximum of 40 m (131,3 ft) it can cover all sides of the skyscraper.

We delivered 11 facade access installations (eight fixed and three traversing) for the project, which was concluded in 2013.

Project specifications

8 Fixed roof cars with a telescopic jib
3 Traversing roof cars with a telescopic jib
  • Jibs under fixed angle of 6 degrees

  • Max. horizontal outreach of 34.0 m (111.5 ft)

  • Max. vertical stroke of 6.8 m (22.3 ft)

  • Glass replacement units with a
    max. load of 350 kg (771.6 lbs)