The Rabotoren in Utrecht consists of two connected towers and is the tallest office tower in the city, with its 105 meters (approx. 344 feet) in height. In 2011, this tower was opened as the new national headquarters of the Rabobank.

Because of its stunning glass appearance, regular cleaning and maintenance of both towers and its podium is required. We equipped both towers with traversing fixed jib roof cars that are hidden between the buildings’ tall parapets.

A third traversing (telescopic) BMU was installed on the lower podium. A specially designed parking garage hides this unit from sight when it’s not in operation.

Project specifications

2 Traversing roof cars with fixed jibs
  • Fixed jibs with outreach of 4.5 meters (15 ft)

  • Approx. lifting height: 105.0 meters (344 ft)

1 Traversing roof car with telescopic jib
  • Approx. lifting height: 95.0 meters (311.8 ft)

  • Telescopic jib with outreach of 10.0 meters (33 ft)

  • Fixed base height of 3.9 meters (12.9 ft)

  • Glass-hook replacement units with a max. load of 400 kg (881 lbs)