Three beautiful apartment complexes were built in 2008 in the well-maintained Roomburg district. Below is a harbor from which the Rhine-Schie Canal can be easily reached. The Rhine-Schie Canal is a wonderful place for pleasure boating, located in a beautiful green area of Leiden.

In the area of Roomburg (Leiden) in The Netherlands, three identical apartment complexes are equipped with traversing Building Maintenance Units.

Like the buildings itself, the three BMUs are identical in design, functionality and track lay out. The tracks are installed along the edge of the roof to ensure that each roof car can maneuver around the solar panel installations on the roof.

Project specifications

3 Traversing fixed jib roof cars
  • Fixed jibs with outreach of 3.6 meters (11.9 ft)

  • Approx. lifting height: 31.0 meters (101.8 ft)

  • Standard cradles with SWL of 240 kg (529 lbs)