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XSPlatforms Australia is established in Sydney and is specialist in creating Facade Access solutions for the Australian and New Zealand market. As a creator of the biggest, heaviest and most complex BMU’s in the world, XSPlatforms has a leading position in the market for customized Facade Access Solutions. We are known for creating and building the biggest, heaviest and most complex BMU’s in the world. There is no project that is too complicated for us.


BMU creation

We have build customized Building Maintenance Units (BMU’s) for various facade access projects in for instance Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.  All our Facade Access solutions are designed with the requirements of our clients as a starting point. And our customers want more than just safe access to heights – they expect the preservation of architectural beauty.

For examples of Facade Access solutions that are designed to fulfill that purpose, have a look at our various reference projects in Australia.

We are always open for new challenges and projects, you can contact us with the information below:

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XSPlatforms Australia

Exchange Tower

Melbourne Vic 3000

PO Box 224, Pascoe Vale South, 3044

Telephone: +61 3 9909 7052


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An overview of our Facade Access projects in Australia

Interesting reads

The challenge of integrating a BMU in the structure of a building

Facade access is interpreted in different ways around the globe. In some regions, a Building Maintenance Unit (or BMU) is a requirement for any building over 15 meters of height, and failing to consider a facade access system could have legal implications for the architect. But in other parts of the world, I have found that absolutely nothing is done to maintain the external skin of a building.

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New WorkSafe Victoria HQ in Australia to be maintained with XSPlatforms BMU

The new headquarters of the Australian WorkSafe Victoria is to be constructed on top of a traditional 90-year-old building. The 14-storey tower will be the tallest building in the port city of Geelong, the second largest city in the Australian State of Victoria. XSPlatforms will design and manufacture a Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) that will provide safe access to the glass facade of the tower.

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The FacadeXS solution for Melbourne’s Marina Towers (VIDEO)

The FacadeXS solution for the Marina Towers in Melbourne is beginning to take shape. The two towers, 43 and 36 storeys high, will have floor-to-ceiling glass facades on all four sides, offering stunning views over the harbor and the City Centre. Construction of the complex has started.

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Facade Access For Sloping Facades

In the why and how of gondola restraint systems, it is explained that gondolas can be restrained to a facade in three different ways: with wire ropes, with a mullion guide rail or with a soft rope system. A restraint system increases the safety of workers inside the gondola in windy conditions, by connecting the gondola to the facade.

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