In 1997, we began to provide safety equipment for people working on roofs in The Netherlands. At that time, safety was already more of a calling than a business. Now, we are a rapidly growing international company – with offices in Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East, Asia and Australia – that designs safety solutions for the most complex buildings around the world.

Today, we still have the same aspiration that we had almost twenty years ago: to make working at heights safer and easier – whether work is being done on a roof, on a scaffold, in a suspended platform or in a gondola. Having reinvented the way people work at heights, we have become known as a leading specialist that delivers custom solutions, based on the most challenging requirements.

The simplicity of our solutions and our many successful projects in the past prove that innovation is in our nature. Always focused on the requirements of our customer, these innovations have one thing in common: they facilitate the work being done without ever compromising safety. This comes natural to us.

For that reason, there is no building in the world that we can’t handle.

We provide safety – at any height.

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Our story

On a global scale, new skyscrapers are erected almost every day. With architects fighting a constant battle against convention, building designs are becoming increasingly complex. In the past two decades, many cities have witnessed the appearance of at least one remarkable building, as the competition for international business and tourism intensifies.

Keeping all these magnificent structures in top condition, however, is not getting any easier. And even the most brilliant design loses much of its aesthetic appeal when its facade is not frequently and properly maintained. That’s why we work together with architects to design a solution that allows for easy and safe access to the most hard-to-reach places, without having a negative visual impact on the design of a building.

No two skyscrapers are the same, which is why the demand for innovative customized solutions has been steadily growing.

In the past few years, several innovative enhancements to our BMUs have significantly enhanced user experience. Among them are radio frequency control that enables wireless communication between gondolas, the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that allows for system diagnosis and remote BMU maintenance, and a 24/7 camera that keeps an eye on your equipment at any time.

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