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August 2018

Blog:How mobile is facade access equipment?

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How mobile is facade access equipment? Facades of buildings are getting more and more complex as architects get to realize their vision through innovative products, such as large curved glass panels, and the introduction of 3D modelling programs. Complex facades have organic shapes and curves, rounded edges, protruding or recessing elements, a sloping roof top or facade and so on. To maintain these architectural delights facade access equipment has to be able to provide maximum movement in all necessary directions, depending on the complexity of the building’s facade. In this blog we would like to provide information [...]

June 2018

Blog: Protect your investment, don’t overlook BMU maintenance

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Protect your investment, don't overlook BMU maintenance Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) are used for maintaining and cleaning the facades of a building. Whether it is a low to mid-rise building or a skyscraper, a BMU must provide 100% access to the facade while being 100% safe. While a facade needs regular maintenance and cleaning, also remember that the equipment to reach these facades need some care. Keeping a BMU in good condition safeguards the maintenance workers using the equipment. Additionally regular maintenance limits downtime and helps keep repair costs under control. Anatomy of a BMU [...]

March 2018

Blog: Cleaning cycle for a high-rise project in numbers

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Cleaning cycle for a high-rise project in numbers Regular window cleaning is proven to have a positive impact on your business. The brightness of a building and a clear view from office floors indicate a business that is intelligent and in good health. Besides a professional look, clean windows also add to customer confidence and value in a company. To ensure a clean looking facade at all times, we advise our clients to think of fitting cleaning cycle for their building before choosing a facade access solutions. In other words: how often and long does it take to [...]

February 2018

Blog: A general take on cleaning cycles for high-rise buildings

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A general take on cleaning cycles for high-rise buildings In one of earlier blogs we’ve talked about the different options of facade access systems compared to the costs. In this blog article we’d like to take a look at a different aspect of these systems, the duration of the cleaning process –also called the cleaning cycle. Before going in-depth on this subject, let us briefly explain what the term cleaning cycle means. Basically a cleaning cycle is nothing more than a general calculation of how long it takes to clean all facades of a specific building. This calculation [...]

December 2017

PROJECT: Our facade access solution for Denver’s tallest skyscraper since the 80s

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Our facade access solution for Denver's tallest skyscraper since the 80s Ready to leave a permanent mark on the skyline of Denver, Colorado the 1144 Fifteenth-tower complex is scheduled to open its doors in early 2018. Taking to mind that it was nearly 30 years ago when the last new-built skyscraper opened in this city makes it extra special. This $300 million skyscraper, mainly existing out of glass and with its 603 feet (184 meters) in height, will provide future office residents with an iconic view of the city of Denver and the Rocky Mountains. Profiling itself as [...]

November 2017

BLOG: Manufacturing the three largest single BMU’s

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Manufacturing the three largest single BMU's At XSPlatforms HQ, we are continuously working on multiple Building Maintenance Units (BMU’s) in our assembly hall. These machines are quite large and heavy in general, so you can imagine that visitors are sometimes overwhelmed by an up-close and personal encounter with a fully assembled and functional BMU. This year, we set a few records at XSPlatforms. First, we are working on a total of nine (!) different BMU-projects at the same time. This requires detailed planning and hard work. But, among these nine projects, we are also simultaneously developing and manufacturing the three [...]

BLOG: Next level window cleaning: Reversed Osmosis system on a BMU

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Next level window cleaning: Reversed Osmosis system on a BMU We always strive to meet and exceed the wishes and demands of our clients when developing a Building Maintenance Unit (BMU). This results in incredibly innovative and unique machines being created by our skilled engineering team and installed on the most iconic structures all over the world. In this blog article, we want to discuss a special feature that can be installed on BMUs and significantly reduces the time for window cleaners to clean a glass facade: a reverse osmosis system. What is Reverse Osmosis? Before we provide an [...]

October 2017

PROJECT: A perfect example of roof car integration – Marina Tower Melbourne

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A perfect example of roof car integration – Marina Tower Melbourne On Pearl River Road at the Docklands, just in front of the Victoria Harbour, a new architectural masterpiece has risen. The Marina Tower in Melbourne, Australia is a mixed-development project that includes a 7-storey hotel and two residential towers, called the Dark and the Light tower, marking the colors of its shimmering facades. The highest point of this complex (Light tower) lies around 142 meters (465 feet). Making it a true landmark for this area. This amazing project is developed by Singapore mainboard-listed property group Hiap Hoe [...]

BLOG: Installing a Facade Access System – Training and Maintenance

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Installing a Facade Access System - Training and Maintenance After three blogs about the different phases of installing a facade access system: from preparation to evaluating tenders and installing the system on a building, we will now discuss the last phase: Training and Maintenance. A project doesn’t stop after installation At XSPlatforms, we believe that the involvement of the manufacturer doesn’t stop when a Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) is installed on a building and tested successfully. From a safety (and regulation) point of view, those who are going to work with the equipment have [...]

September 2017

PROJECT: FacadeXS solutions for the world famous Grand Egyptian Museum

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FacadeXS solutions for the world famous Grand Egyptian Museum The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities is best known for its large collection of artifacts from ancient Egypt. The collection includes several world renowned objects, such as the golden death mask of King Tutankhamun. In 2018, all objects from the museum will be relocated to a new location. The Grand Egyptian Museum Currently, a brand new state of the art museum, designed by heneghan peng architects, is being constructed just outside the Egyptian capital, Cairo. The site is located in the Giza district, approximately two kilometers (1.2 miles) west [...]

May 2017

BLOG: World’s heaviest and most complex facade access system in numbers

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World's heaviest and most complex Facade Access System in numbers It is taller than the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio the Janeiro, has the weight of two Space Shuttles and the total length of the electrical wire in this machine spans the entire Daytona International Speedway: meet the heaviest and most complex building maintenance unit (BMU, also known as a facade access system) in the world. Nothing ordinary about this BMU This BMU is created for an architectural masterpiece: the new headquarters of The National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) of 300m (984 ft) tall, [...]

BLOG: 10 Tallest buildings in Australia with FacadeXS solutions

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BLOG: 10 Tallest buildings with FacadeXS solutions in Australia The skylines in Australia’s largest cities are rapidly changing, because of the high-rise construction boom that has taken place and is still taking place at this moment. This also underlines the growth potential for building maintenance units for the coming years. With more than 20 years of experience in facade access equipment, we would like to share a number of interesting projects we did in Australia. Some of these projects are still in progress, others have been completed already. We have gathered these projects and created an infographic describing [...]

March 2017

PROJECT: Facing the challenges of Philadelphia’s FMC Tower

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PROJECT: Facing the challenges of Philadelphia's FMC Tower Forming part of Philadelphia’s Cira Centre South complex, the FMC Tower stands 730 feet (222 meters) tall. It’s the highest and most luxurious building in the University District of the city and one of the most eye-catching landmarks. High-end residential units are located in the top part of the tower, offering great views across the city. The middle and lower part of the building house a four star hotel and 23 floors of top class office space. XSPlatforms was chosen to provide a facade access solution [...]

February 2017

PROJECT: Architectural landmark in Boston with XSPlatforms solution

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PROJECT: Architectural landmark in Boston with XSPlatforms solution At the heart of Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, a 61 stories, 742 foot (226 meter) building will arise. One Dalton will be the third tallest and most luxurious tower of Boston upon completion in fall 2018. Besides the 442 units of residential area, a 23-floor Four Seasons hotel will form part of the tower. Four Seasons is renowned for its service and guests of the hotel, as well as the owners of the private residences managed by Four Seasons, can enjoy all amenities in One [...]

November 2016

PROJECT: Our solution for Xiamen International Centre

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PROJECT: Our solution for Xiamen International Centre The tallest building to be equipped with a FacadeXS solution in Asia is currently under construction in Xiamen, a major city on the coast of the Taiwan Strait. Upon completion, which is scheduled for 2017, the top of the Xiamen International Centre will have reached 344 meters in height. Construction has passed the 200-meter mark, and XSPlatforms has finished the assembly of the BMUs that will help to keep this impressive facade in top condition. Our solution The entire height of the glass facade is to [...]

June 2016

BLOG: The challenge of integrating a BMU in the structure of a building

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BLOG: The challenge of integrating a BMU in the structure of a building Facade access is interpreted in different ways around the globe. In some regions, a Building Maintenance Unit (or BMU) is a requirement for any building over 15 meters of height, and failing to consider a facade access system could have legal implications for the architect. But in other parts of the world, I have found that absolutely nothing is done to maintain the external skin of a building. Years ago, the Dutch government researched rope access as a method for cleaning facades. [...]

October 2015

BLOG: Facade Access For Sloping Facades

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BLOG: Facade Access For Sloping Facades In the why and how of gondola restraint systems, it is explained that gondolas can be restrained to a facade in three different ways: with wire ropes, with a mullion guide rail or with a soft rope system. A restraint system increases the safety of workers inside the gondola in windy conditions, by connecting the gondola to the facade.However, a soft rope restraint system does more than just preventing a gondola to swing, it serves another purpose as well: it makes it possible to work close to sloping facades. In this post, we’ll explain [...]

PROJECT: Our Solution for The Renewed AJ Celebrezze Tower (VIDEO)

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PROJECT: Our Solution for The Renewed AJ Celebrezze Tower (VIDEO) The Facade XS solution for the renewed AJ Celebrezze tower was recently installed – a traversing roof car with a fixed jib that suspends a custom-made gondola which is no less than 10 m. (33 ft.) wide. The high-rise tower in Cleveland, Ohio has just been wrapped with a new glass facade that has been placed 0,8 m. (2,5 ft) over the old facade. This glass facade required a new Building Maintenance Unit (BMU). This is another big project that was done in collaboration with [...]

PROJECT: Our FacadeXS Solution for The M Residences in Dubai

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PROJECT: Our FacadeXS Solution for The M Residences in Dubai The 'M tower' will be a residential tower in Al Mankhool, a locality in the area of Bur Dubai on the West side of Dubai Creek. Its unique architecture will definitely make it stand out from the other buildings in the locality. The M residences will consist of 23 storeys and 3 basements. Construction has begun. This stunning ‘layered’ look presents quite a challenge in terms of facade maintenance, as there are many protruding parts. Also, the fact that it is not possible to lay a rail track along [...]

September 2015

BLOG: The Why and How of Gondola Restraint Systems

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BLOG: The Why and How of Gondola Restraint Systems Gondolas – or cradles – are working platforms attached to a Building Maintenance Unit (BMU). They descent along a facade, transporting window cleaners or maintenance staff. Some gondolas are unrestrained and hang in front of the facade, while others are secured to the facade with a gondola restraint system. No detailed explanation is needed regarding the ‘why’ of gondola restraint systems - just combine the terms ‘window cleaning’ and ‘wind’ in a Youtube search. The top videos will make it pretty clear: an unrestrained gondola that is gripped by wind results [...]