In the exhilarating first episode of “Limitless with Chris Hemsworth” on National Geographic, renowned actor Chris Hemsworth takes on a daring challenge that pushes the boundaries of human potential. This captivating episode showcases Hemsworth’s encounter with a unique piece of technology called a Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) provided by Facadexs, as he embarks on a mission to control stress and overcome fear.

BMU on Top of Crown Tower Sydney

The BMU in question is located on the Crown Tower in Sydney, an impressive structure standing at a towering height of 271.3 meters (890 ft). Hemsworth, accompanied by psychologist Modupe Akinola, ventures to walk along the jib of the BMU as part of the “Stress-Proof” test, an extraordinary feat that challenges his mental and physical resilience.

Throughout the episode, Hemsworth wears a connected shirt that monitors his vital signs. This advanced technology provides real-time insights into his body’s responses as he experiences a virtual reality simulation of the final task. With the guidance of Akinola, Hemsworth explores the fascinating mind-body connection, learning techniques to manage stress and enhance his performance.

Preparation of the task

To ensure utmost safety and provide an added layer of security, the Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) used for Chris Hemsworth’s daring walk on the jib was modified for his walk.

A sturdy cage was installed on top of the BMU, creating a protective enclosure for Hemsworth during the breathtaking feat. This modification served as a precautionary measure, offering Hemsworth a stable and secure platform to navigate as he conquered the heights.

With the caged structure in place, the BMU provided an optimal combination of functionality and safety, enabling Hemsworth to focus on the task at hand while ensuring his well-being throughout the exhilarating crane walk.

The crane walk

After three days of intense preparation, Hemsworth is prepared to face the most daring challenge yet: the crane walk on top of the Crown Tower Sydney.

Positioned on top of this remarkable Sydney skyscraper, our Building Maintenance Unit awaits him at a staggering height of 900 feet.

Akinola guides Hemsworth, emphasizing the importance of staying calm and using specific techniques to conquer his nerves. This jaw-dropping moment showcases Hemsworth’s determination and resilience, inspiring viewers worldwide.

Dedicated workers on BMU’s

This episode of “Limitless with Chris Hemsworth” takes viewers on a captivating journey, showcasing not only the incredible achievements of the renowned actor but also shedding light on the dedicated workers who perform vital tasks on building maintenance units (BMUs) every day.

While the episode focuses on Hemsworth’s remarkable crane walk and personal growth, it also reminds us to appreciate hard working maintenance workers and window cleaning who ensure the smooth operation and safety of these units.

These skilled workers, often working at great heights and under challenging conditions, deserve our utmost appreciation for their expertise, diligence, and unwavering commitment to their craft. To catch a glimpse of the excitement these workers and Chris Hemsworth experienced, check out the trailer of “Limitless”.