High-rise maintenance

Maintaining the exterior of a high-rise building can be a challenging job. To keep buildings in pristine condition they require their regular maintenance and window washing.

Maintaining the exterior of a building

There are several different ways possible how to conduct these maintenance tasks, first of all there are rope access and abseiling techniques, but high-rise professional facade access systems (like Building Maintenance Units or Suspended Platforms) have altered the job of high- rise maintenance. It still is a challenge, but it will make the job of maintaining much easier and safer.

Solutions for high-rise building maintenance

We offer many solutions for maintaining a high-rise building, assuring maximum safety for workers. With fully customized building maintenance units we can reach all angles and spots of high-rise buildings, whether the exterior is curved or straight. Our facade access systems are aimed at offering permanent solutions that are both functional and safe with regard to the aesthetic aspect of the building.

Window cleaning solutions
for high-rise buildings

One of the major challenges in high-rise maintenance is cleaning windows. Windows take up the largest part of a high-rise building and we all know that cleaning is a regular necessity. Easy and safe access are the key issues here. We offer strong and easy to handle roof cars and cradles that will provide the needed workspace without compromising on safety.

As 3D modelling and the technical capabilities of glass facades keep evolving, building design gets more and more unconventional and complex. Because facade design changes so rapidly, facade access solutions need to be adapted to ensure worker safety and easy access to all parts of the building’s facade.

Aesthetic or functional
facade design?

Facades always have a functional objective. Strength, durability and fire protection always are parts of the functional objective of facade design. As these objectives can be met by various ways of building and building materials the real challenge is to combine these functions in an aesthetic and authentic design that will capture the imagination of the public.

Today the functional and aesthetic design of a building’s facade goes hand in hand and new building materials and architectural brilliance add boundless opportunities in facade design. Especially in the world of high-rise or skyscraper design the sky isn’t the limit anymore.

The challenges for facade access equipment

Challenge 1: Whatever its height, shape or curves one has to reach all parts of the building’s facade to clean and maintain the exterior. With new high-rise designs this part of our job remains an important and ever changing part of our job. At Facadexs we create and construct many different facade access equipment that will suit every challenge a building’s facade may offer.

Challenge 2: Blending in with the aesthetic design: Facade design is a very innovative and creative part of the total design of a skyscraper. This has an immense impact on our designing and engineering skills. We have to make sure that our facade access solutions and Building Maintenance Units will be an integral part of the building and its facade. Fortunately we always like a challenge and we are proud of the many aesthetic solutions we were able to provide to our customers worldwide. Having said that we will keep on innovating providing functional and beautiful solutions in facade access equipment.

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There are multiple solutions, for any situation. We have designed and installed a diversity of solutions for low, medium and high-rise buildings all over the world. All these solutions are aimed at giving access to all parts of the building such as window cleaning, repair activities, replacing glass windows and maintenance duties. Functionality and aesthetics drive our innovations but safety always remains our number 1 mission. Contact us for more information.