High Rise Maintenance

Maintaining the exterior of a building

Maintaining the exterior of a high rise building can be a challenging job. To keep buildings in pristine condition they require their regular maintenance and window washing. There are several different ways possible how to conduct these maintenance tasks, first of all there are rope access and abseiling techniques, but high rise professional facade access systems (like Building Maintenance Units or Suspended Platforms) have altered the job of high rise maintenance. It still is a challenge, but it will make the job of maintaining much easier and safer.

Solutions for high rise building maintenance

XSPlatforms offers many solutions for maintaining a high rise building, assuring maximum safety for workers. With fully customized building maintenance units we can reach all angles and spots of high rise buildings, whether the exterior is curved or straight. Our facade access systems are aimed at offering permanent solutions that are both functional and safe with regard to the aesthetic aspect of the building.

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an Example of high rise maintenance
High rise maintenance at Marina Tower, Melbourne

Window cleaning solutions for high rise buildings

One of the major challenges in high rise maintenance is cleaning windows. Windows take up the largest part of a high rise building and we all know that cleaning is a regular necessity. Easy and safe access are the key issues here. We offer strong and easy to handle roof cars and gondolas that will provide the needed workspace without compromising on safety.

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High rise maintenance innovation

Over the years XS Platforms has introduced many innovations to high rise maintenance. We introduced roof cars with integrated hoisting mechanisms that improves hoisting capacities. BMS integration is another innovative solution that allows building managers to gauge the functioning of the BMU. Wireless radio frequency control is another feature developed by XS Platforms that allows cost effective communications between gondola and roof car up to a distance of 500 metres.

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