Maintenance guardrails

Regular maintenance

Heavy duty machinery such as a roof car needs its maintenance done, preferably with regularity. In order to have maintenance workers perform their activities as safe as possible, we design our roof cars to be safely accessible for maintenance and repairs at all times.

Safe working at any height

Working on top of a roof car gives a different perspective to working at height. As you can imagine when you are walking on top of a jib it doesn’t provide you with a whole lot of walk- and working space. There are several measures that can be taken to safeguard maintenance workers against fall hazards, but if possible it is always a good idea to integrate a solution onto the BMU.

an Example of high rise maintenance


In order to create an extra degree of safety, roof cars from XSPlatforms can be expanded with custom guardrails, ladders and working platforms to give maintenance workers the space and safety they need to do their job. The fixed XSGuardrails are tested and certified conform the latest international standards and can easily be mounted onto the steel of the unit. Toe boards can also be added to this system. By doing so, you take away the danger of falling tools and possibly injuring a person below.

This way we create a safe working path for workers and provide access to critical BMU parts such as the winch unit, motorized parts and guiding wheels.

Caged ladders can be installed on both sides of the BMU so that working platforms on both side can be connected. Maintenance workers who are surrounded by guardrails, don’t have to worry about additional fall protection PPE.


After a cold night a BMU can be wet and slippery due to the humidity. Therefore anti-slip strips can be added to the top of the BMU. This ensures workers have solid (shoe) grip when walking along the jib of the unit, minimizing the biggest risks of working at height: slips, trips and falls.

an Example of high rise maintenance


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