Our solutions give workers easy access to the greatest heights, without ever compromising the aesthetics of a building. If the visual impact of facade access equipment matters, our experts will find a solution.

25+ Years experience
the Facade Access System market

As we have been engineering and supplying facade access systems for over 25 years we have witnessed the evolution of our market first-hand. You may say that our industry has developed from constructing pure access systems for buildings towards a fully integrated engineering, construction and service business where 100% safety and aesthetics are the key principles.

Today our customers from all over the world demand the best facade access system that not only provides access to all parts of the facade but guarantees the highest possible degree of safety for the facade workers and the general public. Evenly important our customers expect the access system or Building Maintenance Unit to become an integral part of the architectural design, fully blended into the building.

There is no “one size fits all” solution for accessing facades. Every single building has an impact on the design and construction of each facade access system. More and more of our access system engineers are invited to share their thoughts right at the first drawings of a new building or high-rise. But also in later phases of a building’s design FacadeXS can always provide a 100% safe and aesthetic solution.

Building Maintenance Units

We offer BMUs for low, medium and high-rise buildings, whether they are straight or curved, roofed or roofless.

Self-hoisting cradles

In some situations, a self-hoisting gondola is the only possibility, for example when a gondola is joined to an interior gantry or a monorail.


Also known as traversing work bridges, gantries are the perfect solution for the cleaning of glass atriums.


Monorails are ideal for medium-rise buildings with complicated designs and hard-to-reach facades.