Facade Access Systems

In the current evolution of high-rise skyscrapers and building facades it is becoming more common to have facade access systems.

A facade access system is a system that gives workers the possibility to carry out their day to day activities at the exterior (or interior, like gantries, for example) facade of a building. Facade access systems provide safe access to all parts of the building facade, including the hard-to-reach places.

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The evolution of facade access systems

As we have been engineering and supplying facade access systems for over 20 years we have witnessed the evolution of our market first-hand. You may say that our industry has developed from constructing pure access systems for buildings towards a fully integrated engineering, construction and service business where 100% safety and aesthetics are the key principles.

Today our customers from all over the world demand the best facade access system that not only provides access to all parts of the facade but guarantees the highest possible degree of safety for the facade workers and the general public. Evenly important our customers expect the access system or Building Maintenance Unit to become an integral part of the architectural design, fully blended into the building.

The right facade access system for each building

There is no “one size fits all” solution for accessing facades. Every single building has an impact on the design and construction of each facade access system. More and more of our access system engineers are invited to share their thoughts right at the first drawings of a new building or high-rise. But also in later phases of a building’s design XSPlatforms can always provide a 100% safe and aesthetic solution.

As a company we have supplied facade access systems to buildings of every height and shape in countries from all continents. You can rely on our knowledge and skills and our experience of 2 decades in engineering and constructing facade access systems!

Facade Access equipment

Facade Access Equipment

Facade Access Equipment are basically summarized as all the solutions which are offered to reach all parts of the building’s facade, like building maintenance units (BMUs) or suspended platforms.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of facade access equipment we offer a diversity of solutions, like customized gantries, roof cars and gondolas. Our solutions will give workers easy access to the building facade, without ever compromising safety.

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Cleaning Windows on high rise glass facades

Especially buildings with glass facades require facade access systems for window cleaning purposes. To clean and maintain buildings from top to bottom can be a very challenging task, for which facade access equipment is a necessity for window washers.

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