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Due to 3D modelling and technical capabilities of lightweight glass today’s architectural designs keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. As buildings change so rapidly, so do the methods of cleaning a buildings facade. Especially when we look at high-rise buildings, accessing the sides of a skyscraper or high-rise building for window cleaning can still be a challenge.

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Facade Access equipment XSPlatforms Dubai

Safe access remains our number one mission

Creating window cleaning solutions for workers on skyscrapers demands an innovative and flexible mindset. Our designers and engineers are facing architectural, aesthetic and construction challenges. Our building maintenance and window cleaning equipment is always constructed in view of maximum safety for window cleaners and people inside and outside the building.

Maintenance and window cleaning

Cleaning the windows on facades of high-rise buildings is important for maintenance. Other maintenance duties can include metal cleaning, the replacement of glass panels or facade inspection. These are all tasks that need to be performed to keep the building aesthetics intact.

Window Cleaning for different Facades

Window cleaning for buildings with a straight Facade

In our work we define different building structures. For buildings with straight facades, the access is mainly provided using a rig mechanism which is anchored on the roof and has the ability to move a gondola up or down the facade fairly easily.

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Window cleaning for buildings with an uneven Facade

An increasing number of skyscrapers, especially in Asia and the Middle-East do not have straight facades and distinguish themselves by having protruding or uneven elements in it. Cleaning windows for these structures are often more challenging and need a different approach which requires custom made solutions.

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Our Facade Access Solutions

At XSPlatforms we customize our facade access solutions (or building maintenance units) to integrate into the building facade seamlessly. Often we already are involved at an early stage of design to create a facade access solution that will cope with the unusual geometry of the building.

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The National Bank of Kuwait project is a great example of the complexity of an uneven facade. Because the absence of a roof, we designed a building maintenance unit that is integrated in the building and is invisible when not in use. For cleaning purposes and glass replacement, this BMU must reach the crown position of the building. Two lower BMU’s move around inside and reaching out through designed access panels, making it possible to clean every glass façade from top to bottom.

Facade Access equipment XSPlatforms Dubai

Other Facade Access Solutions


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