Facade Access Equipment

Every facade is different and requires different facade access solutions and equipment. Already during the design process our facade access solutions are designed to safely reach all parts of the facade and keeping the preservation of the building intact.

Facade Access equipment XSPlatforms Dubai

Innovation in Facade Access Equipment

As buildings and especially skyscrapers become more and more complex the demand for innovative and flexible facade access solutions grows accordingly. At XSPlatforms we design our facade access equipment in view of the building’s function and aesthetic objective. We have at our disposal different approaches in accessing facades and within every solution we can apply many flexible adjustments. Whatever the final solution of facade access equipment for your building will be, 100% safety and a fully integrated aesthetic construction will always be our main objective.

Building Maintenance Unit

Facade access equipment is also known as building maintenance units (BMUs) because it allows cleaning and maintenance crews to safely reach all parts of the facade and fulfill their cleaning and maintenance tasks. A building maintenance unit is intended to be permanently installed and dedicated to a specific building or structure.

We distinguish the following FacadeXS solutions:

Facade Design

As 3D modelling and the technical capabilities of glass facades keep evolving, building design gets more and more unconventional and complex.

Because facade design changes so rapidly, facade access solutions need to be adapted to ensure worker safety and easy access to all parts of the building’s facade.

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