Fixed Jib BMU’s

Limitless Possibilities

Fixed jib BMUs are a range of solutions for facade maintenance with a reach from 3 to 21 meters. With a common construction design, these building maintenance units can be customized to fit the specific needs of your project.

Whether a small and agile BMU for tight spaces is required, or a larger one for a more extensive facade, fixed jib BMUs offer versatility and reliability in equal measure.  

Cost effective solution

BMUs with fixed jibs provide a cost-effective solution for building maintenance and access. With a range of 3 to 21 meters, these units are suitable for a wide range of projects. All structural steel is thermally galvanized, ensuring a long service life.

The designes are compliant with EN 1808-2015, ASME-120, CSA, and AS1418.13 standards. The design of these machines is both reliable and efficient, and the units are available with a variety of hoisting systems. Whether you're looking for a simple, straightforward solution, or you need something more sophisticated, these BMUs offer the right balance of price and performance for most building applications.

The design of this range of machines is easily altered to suit the specific needs of every project.

Manuel de Rivero, Facadexs Australia

Fixed BMU - Features

The Fixed serie of BMU's is standard supplied with the Facadexs ergonomic cradle design. This unique aluminum quality cradle design ensures workers are and feel more safe and secure while working at heights.

Fixed Jib BMU's can have a cradle with of 2 - 6 meters and to install crane capacity required: 3 tons.

Building maintenance units with a fixed jib can be equipped with a Glass Replacement Unit (GRU).  Glass panels can be replaced by using the BMU. The hoist system is used to lower the glass panels into place.

With a RAL color surface treatment we can provide building maintenance units with a lasting finish, matching the colors of the building, or the wishes of the customer.