Fully customised BMU’s

Beyond Boundaries

At Facadexs, we’re not just limited to standard solutions for building maintenance units. With our extensive engineering expertise and innovation, we can create fully customized BMUs to meet even the most unique building maintenance challenges.

Making the impossible, possible

Our customized BMUs have pushed the limits of what is possible in the industry. For example, we have designed and installed the world’s heaviest and complex BMU without a counterweight system, which is fully hidden inside the building when not in use, and extends completely outside the building during operation. This is an unprecedented engineering achievement.

Check out the National Bank of Kuwait project page here.

Top level machine with no roof to install the machine on NBK, Kuwait.

Collins arch: Extreme facade access

Collins arch is another example of how Facadexs provides unique and innovative access solutions for every building no matter the complexity, Not shying away from any challenge.

This extraordinary building required a custom approach to façade maintenance. We were able to design four installations to reach and maintain the entire façade, while keeping all machines out of sight in lockable garages, requiring a compact design. Additionally, the roof of the building now houses Australia’s heaviest BMU. Its undercarriage was specifically designed in a stepped formation, allowing it to travel across two levels at once, a first of its kind.

For this project, we also developed a “deploy with one button” function that allows the BMUs to manoeuvre out of the extremely tight garages without risking damage. We also have developed systems like a “side shift — pull-out” rail system that expands the effective reach of the roof mounted machine without the need for an extra machine or longer boom extension, by pulling the cradle horizontally along the façade to more distant parts of the façade.

  •  This innovative system maximizes the performance of the machine, making it possible to reach previously inaccessible areas of a building’s facade.

Preserve the aesthetics of a building

Another example of our innovation are facade-mounted BMUs, which can be parked inside the building, completely out of sight, by rotating a section of the building’s facade. This solution is particularly useful for buildings with limited roof space or where the facade is inaccessible from the roof.

Customized cradles

If the shape of your building demands it, we can also provide completely customised cradles, from standard to extra-wide sizes, with fixed, movable, or telescoping pantographs (up to 20 meters long!). We have experience in all types. For the “Four Seasons hotel in Boston“, we even developed a foldable cradle that can be adjusted to the shape of the face and is able to descend “”around the bend” of the tower. These unique solutions demonstrate that we never shy away from the toughest challenges.