Project Description

1144 Fifteenth Street

Location: Denver, Colorado (CO), United States of America
Partner: American Anchor

Year: 2017
Number of units: 
 1 traversing telescopic roof car

With its approximately 184 meters (603 feet) in height and over 62 347 square meters (671,101 square foot) of space, the new glass tower at 1144 Fifteenth Street in Denver Colorado will be the city’s tallest skyscraper built since the 1980’s.

Maintaining and cleaning such a large structure requires the right equipment and Partners for the job. Therefore XSPlatforms and American Anchor were selected to design, manufacture and install a traversing roof car with telescopic jibs as part of the building’s facade cleaning program.

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  • 1 x traversing telescopic roof car

  • Approx. lifting height of roof car: 190 meters (623’4 1/3”)
  • Telescopic jib with outreach of 28.5 meters (93’6”)
  • Telescopic base with a max. height of 8.4 meters (27’ 6 5/7”)
  • Glass-hook replacement unit with a max. load of 544 kg (1200 lbs.)
  • Standard gondola with an SWL of 250 kg (552 lbs.)

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