Project Description

501 Swanston Street

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Number of unit: One traversing roof car

Owned by the PDG Corporation and Zagame Group, 501 Swanston Street is a well-recognized premier office building in Melbourne, Australia, with a wide-range of business and leisure amenities. It stands 18 storeys high with cantilevered steel frame. An integrated roof garden and a spiral stair are among its distinctive features. Formerly the Ansett Centre, it was rejuvenated to become a world-class office tower with a much smaller carbon footprint.

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  • One traversing roof car on a 191 m (626.6 ft) rail track
  • Fixed jib with an outreach of 1.3 m (4.3 ft)
  • Max. luffing angle of 55 degrees
  • Standard gondola

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