Project Description

Amesco Tower

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Year: 2017
Number of units: 1 traversing roof car

The Amesco Tower is a 46-story skyscraper, located in the heart of Jumeirah Lake Towers waterfront district. This skyscraper has a height of 189 meters (620 ft), a modern look and is used for commercial and residential purposes. The Amesco Tower is next to a block of residential buildings, hotels, shops, leisure facilities and a man-made park and three lakes.

XSPlatforms has created a custom traversing roof car for cleaning the facade of this skyscraper. The BMU was designed to equip a special hose system for a reverse osmosis water installation and has a glass replacement unit that has a safe working load of 240 kg (592 lbs).

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  • 1 x traversing roof car with a fixed outreach of 8,3 meters

  • Fixed jib with outreach of 8.3 meters

  • Approx. lifting height of roof cars: 210 meters

  • Glass replacement unit with a max. load of 290 kg

  • SWL of gondola max. 240 kg

  • Track length of approx. 138 meters

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