Project Description

Grand Egyptian Museum

Location: Giza, Egypt
Year: 2017
Number of units: 60 monorail systems and 2 (traversing) gantries

The newly constructed Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) will comprise over 480.000 square meters (5,200,000 square feet) of gross floor area. Next to a large reserved area for permanent exhibition (approximately 24.000 square meters/258,333 square feet), the GEM will also include a children’s museum, conference center, training center and workshops similar to the old Pharaonic places.

The design of the building is defined by a 50 meter (164 feet) level difference, following the contours of the Egyptian desert. This difference in height is reflected in the interior design of the museum, existing of a large corridor system, all connected by one main stairway.

XSPlatforms was selected to design various FacadeXS solutions which perfectly suited the needs and wishes of the client. A solution that provides perfect access to the extensive amount of glass facades (in and outdoors), without harming the visitors’ experience while walking around in the museum. In short, a solution with maximum accessibility with minimum impact.


  • 52 x XS127 (inclining) monorail systems.

  • A total track length of approx. 3600 meters (11 811 feet).

  • 8 x XS133 (horizontal) monorail systems.

  • A total track length of approx. 523 meters (1715 feet).

  • Including a total of 16 pieces of (2-person) self-hoisting gondolas.

  • Gondolas interchangeable between systems.

  • 16 (monorail) systems are used for Rope Access (with abseil trolleys).

  • 24 (monorail) systems with Glass Replacement Units.

  • GRU’s with max. loads of 250 and 450 kg (551 and 992 lbs).

  • 2 x traversing (telescopic) gantry bridge.

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