Project Description

Jewel of the Creek

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Number of units: 4x traversing roof cars and 5x monorail systems

‘Jewel of the Creek’ is one of the most prestigious projects in Dubai. It’s a mixed use complex that is located on the banks of Dubai Creek (Khor Dubai), close to Dubai International Airport.

The multi-use development includes high-class four and five star hotels, waterfront restaurants, a sports club building, a convention center with ballroom, a recreation center, 12 apartment buildings and 3 office towers.

XSPlatforms delivers five different facade access systems, consisting of multiple roof cars and monorail systems.

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  • 3x traversing roof car

  • 1x traversing (trackless) roof car

  • Total roof car track length approx. 339 meters (1.112 ft)

  • Max. outreach of 5,5 meters (18 ft)

  • 3x fixed pantograph gondolas

  • 4x Glass Replacement Units with max load of 350 kg (771 lbs) and 950 kg (2.094 lbs)

  • 6x wall mounted monorail system

  • 6x self-hoisting gondolas with XSClimber hoisting devices

  • Total monorail track length approx. 475 meters (1.558 ft)

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