Project Description

  • The Bank Birmingham Tower 2
  • The Bank Tower 2 with light
  • Building Maintenance Unit The Bank Tower 2

The Bank Tower II

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom
Year: 2019
Number of units: 1 traversing roof car

The Bank Tower II is a 33 story residential tower located at the heart of Birmingham’s financial and commercial center. Upon completion the 102 meter (335 ft) tower is the tallest residential skyscraper in Birmingham, giving shape to its skyline.

The eye catching design, by Glancy Nicholls Architects, was drawn from the location’s past as the home of the city’s silversmiths. The Bank Tower II has a gleaming black brick facade on the lower podium. Going up the facade transitions into silver filigree with large floor to ceiling windows.

The residents of the 217 apartments have access to a private gym, a shared green space and far reaching views of the surroundings.

To keep the tower from losing its shine XSPlatforms designed a traversing roof car with a Glass Replacement Unit. This option will help in replacing the large glass panels should one be damaged. The Building Maintenance Unit can move along a rail track on the roof to reach all sides of the structure.


  • 1 x traversing roof car with fixed jib.

  • 82 meters (269 feet) of rail track.

  • Approx. lifting height of 95 m (312 ft).

  • Fixed jib with outreach of 4,5 m (14,8 ft).

  • Max. luffing angle of 30 degrees.

  • 1 x Glass Replacement Units with max. load of 200 kg (441 lbs).

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