Better than anyone else, we can customize our FacadeXS solutions to world’s most complex buildings. Because the needs of our customers are our number one priority, all operations within our organisation are aligned to serve the purpose of customization.

Instead of focusing on the easiest way to apply existing equipment to new projects, we recognize that every building and every customer call for a unique solution. We take the project requirements as our outset and engineer a solution that will surpass the highest expectations, thinking outside the box at every stage of the development process.

Even after installation of our BMU, our approach remains customer-focused. We ensure that FacadeXS equipment is kept in good condition, with tailor-made contracts that are based on customer’s priorities.


Focusing on the top of the market, we are always looking for unique challenges. As a result, we are presented with many opportunities to introduce our innovations and to break new ground with our custom FacadeXS solutions. All our FacadeXS solutions are subjected to extensive testing and conform to the highest international standards.

At XSPlatforms, we do what others cannot. That’s why we’re the number one choice for unique buildings that require a fully customized Building Maintenance Unit, especially when no one else has ever done it before.

Therefore, it is of vital importance that XSPlatforms is involved in a project at an early stage – ideally in the first phases of conceptualization and design.

A prime example of a fully customized BMU is our solution for the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK). It’s the heaviest and most complex BMU in the world, yet it completely invisible when it’s not in use.

FacadeXS: Customized solutions around the world

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