Too often, technical problems with facade access equipment are detected right before maintenance work is scheduled to start. Breakdowns result in costly downtime and delays. This can be prevented with expert service and maintenance by XSPlatforms.

Scheduled inspection and maintenance by our qualified technicians assures smooth maintenance work during the entire lifespan of a building, with a FacadeXS solution that is tested and certified for compliance with the latest industry standards.


Our service goes further than the design and production of world class BMU’s. After the delivery of the BMU, XSPlatforms provides clients all the support that is needed to guarantee the safety, the reliability and the durability of our solutions.

As an experienced manufacturer, XSPlatforms knows how a BMU works down to the smallest detail. Our service professionals are qualified to handle every technical problem with a BMU, even those that were not built by XSPlatforms.

Tailor-made contracts

Our service for the management of facade access equipment is based on the particular needs of our clients. The options within our service contracts include scheduled inspections, extension of the warranty, troubleshooting and load testing.

Remote maintenance

XSPlatforms can often detect malfunctions by looking at data remotely. This way, issues can often be resolved without sending a technician to the site, by making software changes or by providing assistance to on-site staff.

Thorough inspections

Our inspections involve more than just checking oil levels and lubricating the equipment. For example, it is impossible for a single person to inspect the steel cables. That is why at least one of each two inspections is conducted by two technicians.


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