Glass Replacement Units

Although glass panes used for high-rise buildings are thick and strong, extreme weather conditions and other factors can easily damage or crack a panel, in which case the glass panel needs to be replaced.

A decent sized glass panel weighs quite a lot, so installing or replacing a window of a glass facade often requires heavy duty equipment. If the glass panels can’t be transported inside the building and a crane can’t reach the level where glass replacement is needed, another solution is using the already installed Building Maintenance Unit (BMU).

Using a BMU for glass replacement

A Glass Replacement Unit (GRU) consists of a winch incorporated in the BMU with wire rope running from the base via pulleys to the end of the jib. A snap-hook is attached to the wire rope and is suspended in front (or at the back) of the gondola. The hook can carry various tools, including a special suction tool that can hold heavy glass panels. Equipping a BMU with a GRU facilitates easy glass replacement at any height and for any size of glass panel.

an Example of high rise maintenance

What are the different elements of the GRU:

  1. Winch unit with wire rope storage
  2. Hoist to ascend/descend the snap-hook
  3. Pulleys to guide the wire rope
  4. Anti-collision safety mechanism
  5. Snap-hook (or glass hook) to attach equipment to

Different facade types require different solutions

The above GRU solution is applicable for buildings with straight facades. Contemporary architectural design, however, makes some facade areas hard to reach due to protruding or twisting parts and other design elements. In order to be able to replace glass panels in these hard-to-reach areas, special equipment and tools have been developed.

We have explained the different solutions in a number of our blogs:

an Example of high rise maintenance


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