Gondolas by XSPlatforms: facilitating good maintenance work.

Ergonomic and innovative gondolas that users will appreciate.


In our vision, users inside a gondola at great heights must be able to do their work easily, safely and ergonomically. Through customization, we can incorporate the intended application of the BMU into its design.

It’s this kind of function that makes a difference when it comes to the efficiency of maintenance work.


Our approach to ergonomic design allows workers to work on the facade in front of them while keeping a good posture – without straining the lower back. Also, the tall back side of the gondola gives an increased sense of security.

With our customer’s desired functionalities in mind, we can design ergonomic gondolas for maximum usability.


Standard gondolas

By default, our gondolas are 2.4 m (approximately 8 ft.) wide, but in some cases their width can be customized to meet special requirements. The main advantage of this flexibility is that it ensures the gondolas can easily be parked. In addition, it ensures that the gondola can be lowered through a narrow space.

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User-friendly gondolas

Designed from a user’s view point, the User-friendly gondola is equipped with several innovative functions that effectively deal with the drawbacks of working at heights inside a gondola. When it comes to usability, this gondola is the best our industry has to offer. It makes maintenance work easier, faster and more comfortable.

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Pantograph gondolas

A pantograph gondola is essentially a gondola that is balanced by a counterweight situated behind it. They are designed for buildings with uneven facades or facades with protruding elements. A pantograph gondola allows workers to get close to the facade, even in a cove directly under obstacles such as balconies or canopies.

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Self-hoisting gondolas

A self-hoisting gondola is equipped with a hoisting mechanism. Self-hoisting gondolas can be suspended from roof cars, but most of the time they will be used in combination with an interior gantry or a monorail system. The main advantage of self-hoisting gondolas is that they can be detached and placed out of sight when they’re not used.

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