Roof cars: custom solutions to fit every roof.

Customized roof cars, designed to meet your requirements.

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The function of roof cars is to position gondolas in front of the facade. Essentially, the functions of the roof car determine the range of the system. So, in order for the BMU to reach all the places that need cleaning, maintenance or repairs, roof cars need to be made to fit a particular roof.

When it comes to roof cars, we offer customized solutions for sloped roofs or roofs with a high parapet. XSPlatforms delivers roof cars for every roof.

We always account for the concerns of our customers and other relevant parties. For that reason, we want to be involved in the process as early as possible, to make sure that we are able to provide a solution that is able to reach the entire facade.

XSPlatforms offers traversing roof cars that move around a custom rail track, thereby changing the position of the gondola that is attached to its jib. A traversing roof car is driven by a motorized undercarriage, and can position the gondola with a short jib.

Alternatively, a static roof car can be equipped with a telescopic jib (an extendable, rotating arm), when there is not enough space for a rail track in the roof.

The Central Park District 08 in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and the AJ Celebrezze building in Cleveland  (United States of America) showcase some of the most innovative FacadeXS Solutions that can be concealed when not in use.

Traversing roof cars with a fixed jib

Traversing roof cars with a fixed jib are used on flat-roofed buildings where there is enough space for a rail track along the eaves.

They are customized to fit the dimensions of the building and they can be equipped with special functions according to our customer’s requirements.

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Traversing climbing roof cars

Climbing roof cars are used on buildings with sloping roofs. In a FacadeXS solution, climbing roof cars run on a rack and pinion rail track.

Just like traversing roof cars on a flat roofs, climbing roof cars can be customized to fit the building and can be equipped with a number of special functions.

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Telescopic roof cars

Telescopic roof cars are used for more complex buildings (such as roofless buildings or buildings where there is no space for rails), or for situations where an extensive outreach is required.

The telescopic jib is customized according to the design of the building and the required range of the facade access system.

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