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Glass Replacement Units

What is a Glass Replacement Unit?

A Glass Replacement Unit (GRU) is an extra hoisting system integrated in the roof car, which suspends a hook between the gondola and the facade. Despite the fact that this extra hook can be used for a variety of purposes, it is mostly used to hoist window panels. When the GRU is used for glass replacement, a suction tool is attached to the hook.

Without a GRU, the BMU cannot be used to transport large or heavy materials to a higher level. When the BMU is the only means of access to the outer facade of the building, a GRU is recommended. This is often the case with roofless buildings, or buildings that are simply too tall to rely on other means of facade access.

Watch the video on the right to see how a GRU can be used for glass replacement.

Glass Replacement unit

Hoisting materials

A GRU can also be used to hoist other materials, such as facade signage or rooftop equipment. If a BMU is installed during the construction of a building, then the GRU is often used to hoist building materials. This way, the BMU can be used to facilitate the supply of construction resources.

Integrated GRUs

The max. load of the GRU depends on the requirements and the characteristics of the BMU. We have delivered integrated GRUs with max. loads over 700 kg (1543 lbs). A GRU balancer (with a pantograph gondola) is used for the replacement of windows in sloping facades.

Almost all Facade XS roof cars and monorails can be equipped with a GRU.

All Facade XS roof cars can be equipped with a Glass Replacement Unit

Traversing roof cars with a fixed jib

Traversing roof cars with a fixed jib are used on flat-roofed buildings where there is enough space for a rail track along the eaves.

They are customized to fit the dimensions of the building and they can be equipped with special features according to our customer’s requirements.

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Traversing climbing roof cars

Climbing roof cars are used on buildings with sloping roofs. In a Facade XS solution, climbing roof cars run on a rack and pinion rail track.

Just like traversing roof cars on a flat roofs, climbing roof cars can be customized to fit the building and can be equipped with a number of special features.

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Telescopic roof cars

Telescopic roof cars offer an extensive reach for more complex building designs (such as roofless buildings), or buildings where there is no space for rails.

The telescopic jib is customized according to the design of the building and the required range that is necessary to acces the entire facade.

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