Telescopic jib BMU’s

Maximizing access

Telescopic BMUs are a series of heavy-duty maintenance equipment designed for large and complex buildings. With a telescoping jib that is made up of multiple sections, these machines are capable of reaching up to 40 meters, making them ideal for high-rise buildings.

Limited travel clearance on the roof

One of the key benefits of telescopic BMUs is their versatility. Unlike fixed jib BMUs, which have a set length, telescopic BMUs can be adjusted to accommodate different building heights and configurations. This makes them a popular choice for buildings with limited rooftop space or high parapet walls.

Telescopic BMU for Collins Arch, Australia

Custom design, tailored for the building

These BMUs are generally custom designed and tailored to the specific needs of each building. To ensure safety and reliability, telescopic BMUs are built with high-quality materials and are compliant with industry standards such as EN 1808, ASME-120, CSA, and AS1418.13.

The telescopic BMU’s are regularly built with a telescopic column. This allows the jib to be raised above a parapet wall and therefore the complete machine to be hidden when not in use.

Another common option on telescopic BMU’s is the GRU auxiliary hoist. Seeing these machines are often placed on high rise towers, BMU’s with auxiliary hoist are often used to finish the façade of the top section of the tower. Reducing the required time for a tower crane to be on site.


Telescopic BMU – Features

The modular design of our telescopic BMU’s ensures that the BMU is always the best possible solution for each building. They can be equiped with several special functions according to the building and the customer’s requirements.

Building maintenance units with a fixed jib can be equipped with a Glass Replacement Unit (GRU).  Glass panels can be replaced by using the BMU. The hoist system is used to lower the glass panels into place.

With a RAL color surface treatment we can provide building maintenance units with a lasting finish, matching the colors of the building, or the wishes of the customer.

A soft rope system effectively prevents a gondola from swinging, but it serves another purpose as well: uniquely, it ensures that a gondola can get close to a sloping facade. Furthermore, a soft rope restraint system can secure a gondola which moves horizontally along a facade.

Special considerations are also possible such as roof/hatch sections mounted on our BMU or a tight parking area.

Telescopic BMU for Boulevard Point in Dubai, UAE