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As XSPlatforms we are the leading specialist in fully customized Building Maintenance Units. We create the biggest, heaviest and most complex BMU’s in the world.

All our Facade Access solutions are designed with the requirements of our clients as a starting point. And our customers want more than just safe access to heights – they expect the preservation of architectural beauty.

For examples of Facade Access solutions that are designed to fulfill that purpose, have a look at our various reference projects in the United States.

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An overview of our Facade Access projects in the USA

Interesting reads

The challenge of integrating a BMU in the structure of a building

Facade access is interpreted in different ways around the globe. In some regions, a Building Maintenance Unit (or BMU) is a requirement for any building over 15 meters of height, and failing to consider a facade access system could have legal implications for the architect. But in other parts of the world, I have found that absolutely nothing is done to maintain the external skin of a building.

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The FacadeXS solution for Philadelphia’s FMC tower

Located on the banks of the Schuylkill River, the FMC tower in Philadelphia will be the new global headquarters of the FMC Corporation. It consists of 47 storeys, which will make it the tallest building in Philadelphia outside Center City. The project includes commercial space, office space, a park on top of the adjacent parking garage and 268 luxury apartments on the top floors – earning it the nickname Philadelphia’s first vertical neighborhood.

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Our Solution for The Renewed AJ Celebrezze Tower (VIDEO)

The Facade XS solution for the renewed AJ Celebrezze tower was recently installed – a traversing roof car with a fixed jib that suspends a custom-made gondola which is no less than 10 m. (33 ft.) wide. The high-rise tower in Cleveland, Ohio has just been wrapped with a new glass facade that has been placed 0,8 m. (2,5 ft) over the old facade.

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Facade Access For Sloping Facades

In the why and how of gondola restraint systems, it is explained that gondolas can be restrained to a facade in three different ways: with wire ropes, with a mullion guide rail or with a soft rope system. A restraint system increases the safety of workers inside the gondola in windy conditions, by connecting the gondola to the facade.

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