Economical BMU

Used on flat-roofed buildings where there is enough space for a rail track along the eaves.

We understand that building maintenance can be a complex and expensive process, which is why we're proud to offer our economical BMU line. Designed with simplicity and reliability in mind, these machines are easy to maintain and operate, ensuring your building remains in top condition with minimal hassle.

Lasting durability with our Economical BMU's

Our economical BMUs are hot dip galvanised for enhanced durability, and can optionally be customized with your choice of color. The design complies to both EN-1808 2015 and AS1418.13 standards. Supplied with our unique Facadexs ergonomic cradle design. The Facadexs cradle is designed for comfort while reaching out to the façade. The higher rear wall provides enhanced safety and a more secure feeling during cleaning, maintenance or repairs.

Economical BMU for Churchilllaan Utrecht, The Netherlands

Easy installation process

This machine, which can be divided into pieces of 250 kg or optionally less so that it can be installed even without a crane, is designed to be lifted and installed in one go. This makes it possible for the machine to be installed in an elevator, which is especially useful in buildings with limited space or access. The machine has been designed so that it can be easily installed and then used with minimal maintenance. This makes it an ideal choice for people who need a reliable machine with a small footprint.

Available options

  • Slewing cross bar
  • Cradle width from 2 to 4mtrs
  • Luffing jib
  • GRU auxiliary hoist
  • Power cable reeler
  • Higher base to reach over parapets
  • E-leiter communication trought the lifting wires
  • Trackless design: no steel track required

Economical BMU - Features

The Economic serie BMU's can be equiped with several special functions according to the building and the customer's requirements.

The motorized undercarriage moves the roof car over a rail track, so that it is able to reach a large facade surface. A rail track can be customized according to the dimensions of the roof, and can possibly be used by multiple roof cars.

The Economical serie is equiped with a fixed jib. Depending on the BMU type the jib can be raised to bring the a cradle closer to the facade. For example a pantograph cradle can be positioned under a balcony by luffing the jib up. This function also enables a roof car to lift a cradle over a high parapet or roof edge.

A rotating spreader allows for adjustment of the direction of the cradle in relation to the facade. This makes it possible for workers to get close to curved facades or facade with a certain angle.

The PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) for our BMU’s is designed so that it can be monitored remotely. This facilitates remote inspection and analysis of system faults, and the integration of BMU data in a BMS (Building Management System).

The roof car can be rotated to change the direction of the jib in relation to the rail track. This function is used when the gondola is lifted from the roof and suspended over the edge. It could also be used to work around the corners of a facade.
All our roof cars can be equipped with a restraint system. This system connects the gondla to the facade, preventing that the gondola moves too far away from the facade, or starts swinging. This increases the safety of the BMU in windy conditions. A restraint system is for buildings that are 40 meters (131 feet) and above.

An industrial control panel which is used to control the power and movement of the roof car and jib. It includes buttons or switches that allow operators to control the building maintenance unit.

Extra façade rollers are deisgned for external use and can be used to provide insulation from the elements.

Economical BMU for Churchilllaan Utrecht, The Netherlands