Building Maintenance Unit overview

Every facade is different and requires different facade access solutions and equipment. Already during the design process our facade access solutions are designed to safely reach all parts of the facade and keeping the preservation of the building intact.

Facade access equipment by FacadeXS

As buildings and especially skyscrapers become more and more complex the demand for innovative and flexible facade access solutions grows accordingly.

At FacadeXS we design our facade access equipment in view of the building’s function and aesthetic objective. We have different approaches in accessing facades and within every solution we can apply many flexible adjustments.

Whatever the final solution of facade access equipment for your building will be, 100% safety and a fully integrated aesthetic construction will always be our main objective.

Economical BMU’s

Used on flat-roofed buildings where there is enough space for a rail track along the eaves.

Fixed jib BMU’s

A cost effective facade maintenance solution with a common construction and a reach from 3 to 21 meters.

Telescopic jib BMU’s

Telescopic BMUs are a series of heavy-duty maintenance equipment designed for large and complex buildings.

Articulated BMU’s

Mobile lift platforms used for maintenance and repair work on the exterior of buildings or other structures.

Fully customized BMU’s

Fully adjusted BMU’s customized for every building.