XSPlatforms is the leading specialist in fully customized Building Maintenance Units. We create the biggest, heaviest and most complex BMU’s in the world.

FacadeXS solutions give workers easy access to the greatest heights, without ever compromising the aesthetics of a building. If the visual impact of facade access equipment matters, our experts will find a solution.

All our Facade Access solutions are designed with the requirements of our clients as a starting point. And our customers want more than just safe access to heights – they expect the preservation of architectural beauty.

For examples of Facade Access solutions that are designed to fulfil  that purpose,  have a look at our various reference projects around the world.


We go beyond the production of top quality facade access equipment; we design and deliver specific solutions for the world’s most unique buildings and structures.

We offer BMUs for low, medium and high-rise buildings, whether they are straight or curved, roofed or roofless. Our solutions outclass the competition primarily in terms of usability, despite the complex challenges that our engineers and developers face.

Because in our vision, BMUs should do more than just providing safe access to hard-to-reach places. Our solutions facilitate the work being done, whether that’s cleaning windows or repairing a damaged facade.

These innovations, combined with our successful projects in the past, have made us the number one BMU specialist in the world.

Renowned expertise

Over the years, some of the world’s most distinguished architects have approached XSPlatforms.

They trust our expertise and our years of experience in integrating our FacadeXS solutions into the world’s most complex structures.

Beyond international standards

FacadeXS solutions are subjected to extensive testing to ensure they perform exactly as they should.

That’s why we were certified by the TÜV quality institute to perform CE testing on our solutions, which is unique in our industry.

Remote maintenance

Our technology allows our professionals to detect malfunctions by looking at BMU data remotely.

Problems can often be resolved by simply providing support to on-site staff or by making changes to the software from our headquarters in the Netherlands.




FacadeXS: Customized solutions around the world

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