Facade Access Equipment

Quality engineering manufactured in the Netherlands

Facadexs solutions give workers safe and practical facade access to all type of buildings at any height.

With the experience accumulated over the last 20+ years, our knowledge on the local markets where we operate, and being directly involved in many in the most complex projects around the globe, we can you provide you and your project with the most practical and safe solutions.

Facadexs is fully committed from start to finish on every project. Our services encompass consultation during the building design phase, in-house design, fabrication, and testing of all Façade acces systems, right up to commissioning on the building site. Let us help you safely access and maintain your high-rise structures.

Roof cars by Facadexs

We provide custom roof cars with fixed jibs, traversing or telescoping roofcars.

Facade window cleaning

BMUs are often used for window cleaning. What are the options and what BMU’s do we provide?

Our projects

We offer BMUs for low, medium and high-rise buildings, whether they are straight or curved, roofed or roofless. Check out a few of our flagship projects here.

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