This new architectural landmark which had landed in Sydney, Australia is inspired by nature: three petals twisting and rising together form an artwork with a complex geometry. This complexity also made it more challenging when it comes to accessing the facade.

Providing a facade access solution that enables maintenance workers to safely cover every part of the building’s exterior required a combination of innovative design and proven technology.

With a 60° twist in the outer skin of the building, a flared glass facade and a protruding podium, Crown Sydney has driven our team to come up with an innovative facade access solution that facilitates short cleaning cycles, without affecting the building’s design.

A building with striking design

Located in the Barangaroo precinct, Crown Sydney plays a significant role in enhancing Sydney’s position as one of the world’s most spectacular harbour cities. Its striking design promises to offer a unique waterfront experience. Facadexs provided the facade access system for this new landmark in collaboration with Crown Resorts and WilkinsonEyre architects.

An architectural marvel

The Crown Tower in Sydney stands as an architectural marvel, commanding attention with its grandeur and elegance. Rising to a staggering height of 271.3 meters (890 ft), this iconic skyscraper graces the city’s skyline, symbolizing innovation and modernity. Located in the vibrant heart of Sydney, the Crown Tower showcases sleek lines and contemporary design, seamlessly blending into its surroundings. Beyond its striking exterior, the tower offers a multitude of amenities, including luxurious accommodations, world-class restaurants, high-end retail spaces, and breathtaking views of the cityscape. As a prominent landmark, the Crown Tower represents the dynamic spirit of Sydney and serves as a testament to the city’s global prominence and progressive vision.

Did you know that ‘Thor’ climbed this BMU?

Famous actor Chris Hemsworth did a stress-controle test by walking on top of this BMU for National Geographics’ TV-show “Limitless”. Watch the trailer that aired in 2022. Untrained and at over 270 meter of height, we understand his emotions when he walked over our Building Maintenance Unit for this great show. This was the first Episode of “Limitless” and he was already put to the test. Check out our article about his visit.

Integrated into the Design

Another important aspect of this project was to keep the aesthetical value of Crown Sydney intact when the BMUs are in parked position. All machines used in the facade access solution are all integrated into the building and out of sight when not in use. This way, the curvilinear form of the building is not compromised.

BMU and Monorail

In order to efficiently maintain the glass facade four times a year and keep Crown Sydney in top condition, the facade access solution comprises a BMU on roof level and a monorail system at the protruding podium.

Total project specifications

3 BMUs in total
  • System A – A roof BMU of 65 tons. It has a GRU capacity of 600 kg and and with its telescopic jib an outreach of 33 m.

  • System B – Podium BMU. Consists an parapet mounted BMU that is launched to the external facade via
    automatic hinged doors.

  • System C – Podium BMU A vertical extruding cradle that can reach the top of the podium. It is to be launched via the same automatic hinged doors as System C.