NetApp India is a company that provides software, systems, and services to help customers manage and store incoming (online) data. In 2018 NetApp opened the doors of their new headquarters, also called the NetApp Campus, in Bangalore, India. This new facility will be able to house over 3500 workers, almost the double of its previous capacity.

Our solution

In order to maintain and clean the facades of their main campus building, Facadexs designed and installed a custom Facadexs solution existing out of several individual monorail systems with a corresponding (exchangeable) self-hoisting cradle. We used our XS110 Monorail systems for this solution. The real interesting part about this project is that the monorails were completely integrated into the ceiling (see photo below).

Monorail specifications

  • All type XS110 monorail systems

  • Integrated into ceiling for minimum visual impact

  • Includes 1 piece of 2-person self-hoisting cradle

  • Cradle is exchangeable between systems

  • Max. lifting height of approx. 75 m (246 ft)