Telus Sky is a landmark tower located in Calgary, Canada. It is a mixed-use development consisting of office space, residential apartments, and retail space.

The tower is 222 meters tall and has 60 floors. It was designed
by the architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and completed in 2019. The building’s unique design features a twisting, triangular shape that allows for unobstructed views of the surrounding city and mountains.

Technologically advanced building

Telus Sky is considered one of the most technologically advanced buildings in Canada, with features such as a high-speed elevator system and state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems.

The tower is also designed to be environmentally sustainable, with features such as a rainwater collection system and energy-efficient
lighting. The twisting and triangular facades also demand a innovative solution.

The Facadexs solution

Facadexs was tasked with developing building maintenance systems to be used both on the exterior and interior of the building. Specifically, the project involved installing one BMU on the roof, as well as two monorail systems inside the building.

Monorail solution by Facadexs

The Green Wall Lobby of Telus Sky Tower is a visually stunning space featuring a massive indoor living wall of 25.5 m (87 ft.) tall, made up of over 10,000 plants from 125 different species. It is the largest living wall in North America and is located in an atrium that is maintained by Facadexs’ XS133 Monorail systems.

Total project specifications

Fixed telescopic roof car | 2 Monorail systems
  • One fixed telescopic roof car

  • Approx. lifting height of roof car: 225 m (738 ft)

  • Telescopic jib with a max. outreach of 36.0 m (118 ft)

  • Maximum luffing angle of 47 degrees.

  • Telescopic base with a max. height of 7.0 m (23 ft)

  • Glass-hook replacement unit with a max. load of 680 kg (1500 lbs)

  • One cradle with soft-rope guiding system

  • Two XS133 monorail systems

  • One 2-person self-hoisting cradle that is exchangeable between the two monorail systems