The office towers in Dubai’s International Financial Center are key landmarks in this district. One residential, one office tower, both 49 storeys and a worthy completion of the developments along Sheikh Zayed Road.

Our customer in Dubai required a solution which fit the aesthetics of the building, the glorious Central Park Building. One of the possible solutions needed was to integrate the top BMU inside the building.

In total, for this entire project over a span of different buildings, we provided 6 telescopic and 6 fixed roof cars. We also provided Glass Replacement Units for this project. The integrated BMU’s are one of our Fully Customized BMU projects worldwide.

Project description

6 Roof cars with telescopic jib

6 Roof cars with fixed jib

  • Building integration

  • Max. horizontal outreach of 28.3 m (92.8 ft)

  • Max. vertical stroke of 12 m (39.4 ft)

  • Max. luffing angle of 60 degrees

  • Glass replacement units with a max. load of 320 kg (705.5 lbs)