The newly constructed Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) will comprise over 480.000 square meters (5,200,000 square feet) of gross floor area. The design of the building is defined by a 50 meter (164 feet) level difference, following the contours of the Egyptian desert. This difference in height is reflected in the interior design of the museum, existing of a large corridor system, all connected by one main stairway.

Solutions for the world famous Grand Egyptian Museum

We came up with a solution that perfectly suited the needs and wishes of the client. To be specific, a solution that provides perfect access to the extensive glass facades (interior and exterior), without harming the visitors’ experience while touring the museum and guaranteeing maximum accessibility with minimum impact.

Due its scale, the GEM is divided in various subparts. Each requiring a different solution when it comes to window cleaning and facade maintenance. Below, we will explain a large part of what Facadexs has developed for which specific part of the building.

Across the iconic Pyramids of Giza

The location of the Grand Egyptian Museum is characterized by its view of the iconic pyramids. To guarantee visitors with a view that is clear at all times, it is of utmost importance to have the windows on the pyramid side of the museum maintained and clean.

Because of its open structure, this part the facade is divided into 6 different parts. Each part will be provided with two XS127 (inclining) monorail tracks, one for interior and one for exterior maintenance. All systems combined comprise over 362 meters (1187 feet) of monorail track.

For glass replacement purposes, all exterior tracks are designed to be used with a self-hoisting cradle and specially designed Glass Replacement Unit (GRU) system with a lifting capacity of 450 kilograms (992 lbs).

Monorails and Gantries

The complexity and diversity of this project does not allow us to explain all systems to you in just one article.
The solutions we described above is just a selection of the work that Facadexs did.

Summary of all work for the
Grand Egyptian Museum

  • 52 different XS127 inclining monorail tracks.

  • Total track length of approx. 3600 meters (11 811 feet) of XS127 monorail track.

  • 8 different XS133 horizontal monorail tracks.

  • Total track length of approx. 523 meters (1715 feet) of XS133 monorail track.

  • Includes 16 pieces of (2-person) self-hoisting cradles with XSClimber hoisting devices.

  • 24 monorail tracks suitable for GRU use.

  • 16 systems for Rope Access purposes (with abseil trolleys).

  • The cradles are interchangeable between systems and strategically spread throughout the building.

  • Glass Replacement Units with max. loads of 250 and 450 kg (551 and 992 lbs).

  • 2 traversing (telescopic) gantry bridges.

  • 3 custom XSLinked fall arrest systems.