Project Description

Al Habtoor Palace

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Number of units:  2 traversing roof cars with telescopic jib

Habtoor Palace is a hotel and theatre mega-project in Dubai. It includes three new hotels with a total of 1.612 rooms, an 1.100 seat ‘Las Vegas style’ theatre, 4.650 m2 (50.000 ft2) banqueting and meeting facilities, a shopping center, sports academy and multiple restaurants. All together, this 1,3 billion USD project is the largest integrated hotel complex in the Middle East.

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  • 2x traversing roof car with telescopic jib

  • Track length: 51 m (167 ft) and 44 m (144 ft)

  • Max. outreach of 23,5 m (77 ft) and 31,9 m (105 ft)
  • 1x telescopic base with a max. height of 13,3 m (44 ft)
  • SWL of gondolas 240 kg (600 lbs)

  • 2x Glass replacement unit with a max. load of 500 kg (1102 lbs)

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