Project Description

  • CUKH Medical Center
  • Building Maintenance Unit for the CUHK Medical Center

CUHK Medical Center

Location: Hong Kong
Year: 2019
Number of units: 1 traversing roof car

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Medical Center is a private hospital with a full range of medical services. The 14 story hospital serves as a training facility as well as a medical research center. The facility will hold 516 in-patient bed and 90 day beds, a 24 hour clinic, 28 operating rooms and 15 medical centers.

The design of the CUHK Medical Center incorporates green balconies, gardens and courtyards. The rooms are spacious and have scenic views. Much of the facade is made of glass to allow natural light to enter the building.

To help maintain the views and natural light influx XSPlatforms was asked to provide a facade access solution. We designed a traversing, telescopic roof car to help window washers, and other maintenance personnel, reach every part of the facade safely.


  • 1 x traversing (telescopic) roof car.

  • 245 meters (804 feet) of rail track.

  • Approx. lifting height of 80 m (262,5 ft).

  • Max. jib outreach of 26,5 m (87 ft).

  • Fixed base height of 3,1 m (10,2 ft).

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