Project Description

  • Prime Lands office building
  • Building maintenance unit for Prime Lands

Prime Lands Office Building

Location: Doha, Qatar
Year: 2018
Number of units: 1 traversing (trackless) roof car

Prime Lands is one of Doha’s latest development areas when it comes to the construction of commercial and residential buildings. XSPlatforms was contracted to provide a fitting FacadeXS solution for the building maintenance of Prime Lands’ leading office building.

This building consists of six underground car parking levels, a mezzanine floor and ten floors of office space areas.

To provide access to the buildings’ facades, XSPlatforms designed a solution with a, so called, “trackless” traversing roof car that can cover the entire roof area by means of a guiding rail. The adjustable pantograph gondola can be maneuvered in the required position as a result of the slewing base frame and luffing jib arm.


  • 1 x traversing (trackless) roof car with a fixed jib

  • Fixed outreach of approx. 9,2 m (30 ft)

  • Max. luffing angle of 60 degrees

  • 232 meters (761 feet) of guiding rail

  • Approx. lifting height of roof car: 60 m (197 ft)

  • Adjustable pantograph gondola with a max. reach of 3,4 m (11 ft)

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